Admiral William A. Moffett and U. S. Naval Aviation

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Admiral William A. Moffett graduated from the Naval Academy in 1890, served at sea and ashore for 22 years before he saw aircraft operate with the fleet. He administered a large aviation unit while commanding the US Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, and from 1918 to 1920 he commanded the battleship Mississippi, which carried aircraft. After that he became the Director of Naval Aviation and then the first Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics, in 1921.He was killed in the sea crash of the dirigible Akron in 1933. Includes a bibliography of Moffett's major published writings and speeches, and illustrations.


“The authors’ objective was to find ‘the man’ among a mass of documents that revealed little about his personality. This was no easy task – Admiral Moffett separated his private life from his professional life, and very little of his personal correspondence has survived. Nevertheless, the Colettas have done an admirable job. . . . This book is an important contribution to the scholarship. . .” – The Northern Mariner

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