ARCHIMANDRITE MAKARII GLUKHAREV - FOUNDER OF THE ALTAI MISSION Translated with an Interpretive Essay by James Lawton Haney

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A translation of K. V. Kharlampovich’s biography of a monastic missionary among the tribal people of western Siberia who was canonized as a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church in the year 2000. The translator’s interpretive essay makes clear that he merits a place in the history of Christian missions. It is an arresting portrait of an Orthodox hesychast driven to found a mission among the Altaian people. He also enunciated the first comprehensive plan for missionary activity in the Russian Church and translated the Hebrew scriptures into modern Russian. This work adds a significant piece to the mosaic of orthodox spirituality in its delineation of the struggle of far-sighted, highly creative monk against the forces of an entrenched bureaucracy.. Published in 1905 in Kazan’, Kharlampovich’s biography has not been previously translated. In addition to its significance for the study of Russian missions and Orthodox spirituality, it also makes a valuable contribution to the broader study of pre-Revolutionary Russian culture, Slavic history, and social and religious history of 19th-century Europe. With maps, facsimiles, and photographs.


“The material on the Altai mission is crucial in that it represents Makarii’s most significant contribution, but the discussion of monastic life, the controversies in which Makarii was involved with his superiors, and his efforts at biblical translation add richness to the narrative. Haney’s interpretive essay is essential in that it makes connections for readers that would not be clear in Kharlampovich’s biography by itself.” – Dr. Dale A. Johnson, Divinity School, Vanderbilt University

“The timing of the publication is significant, since the fall of Communism has led to a resurgence of interest in Russian orthodoxy and missionary endeavours within the Russian empire. The introduction ably prepares both those who know theology but little about Russia and those who are aware of Russian history but know little about Orthodoxy to understand the text.” – Dr. David N. Collins, Chair, University of Leeds, England

“ ... it also sheds light on the history of relations between national religions of the Orthodox Russians and the Shamanic Siberian people ... The measure of Archimandrite Makarii’s success must be that in the schools that were founded by his mission, classes were conducted in the native language, and this proved to be an enormous aid for preserving and developing the culture of the Altai people. Thus, in addition to the Orthodox history presented in this book, Haney’s translation also serves as a valuable supplement to studies of Russian 19th century policy towards native people of Siberia.” – Dr. Nicholas Tyrras, International Studies Program, University of Northern British Columbia

"Students of Russian Church history are familiar with the name of Archimandrite Makarii (Glukahrev, 1792-1847), canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in 2000 ... Dr. Haney's translation of Kharlampovich's biography, together with Dr. Haney's own extensive introduction, is very welcome and timely ... [This book] represents one of the most extensive treatments of Makarii's life and work ... Dr. Haney's introduction and translation are a significant contribution and should serve to generate further interest in Makarii's life and work, as well as deepen our understanding of nineteenth-century Russian Orthodoxy." - Scott Kenworthy, St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly

Table of Contents

An Interpretive Essay by James L. Haney: Introduction; Kharlampovich, the Author; Aspects of Russian Orthodox Culture in the First Half of the 19th Century; Markarii’s Spiritual Roots; Makarii’s Vision for the Expansion of the Church; The Altai Mission Legacy; Epilogue
Archimandrite Makarii Glukharev: A Biographical Sketch by Konstantin Vail’evich Kharlampovich
1. The Life and Activities of Archimandrite Makarii Before Assuming His Missionary Vocation, 1792-1829
2. The Labor of a Missionary, 1829-1844
3. Literary Work and Translations
4. Life and Death in Bolkhov, 1844-1847
5. Reflections on the Character of Father Makarii
Chronology; Bibliography; Index

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