ALMEIDA GARRETT (1799-1854), FOUNDER OF PORTUGUESE ROMANTICISM: A Study in Anglo-Portuguese Cultural Interaction

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This book examines the ideological, cultural and social aspects of the fascinating relationship between Portuguese Romanticism and British Culture.


“This impressive study of Almeida Garrett’s relationship with England substantially advances our understanding of this crucial issue.”
-Prof. John Clarke
University of Buckingham

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Clarke

Prefatory Remarks by Carlos Ceia



Chapter I: Early Life and Education

Chapter II: Early Writings and Anti-British Sentiments

Chapter III: First Exile: End of a Liberal Dream (1823)

Chapter IV: The Hadleys (1823-24)

Chapter V: French Limbo (1824-26)

Chapter VI: Back to Portugal: False Expectations (1826-28)

Chapter VII: Second Exile (1828-1832)

Chapter VIII: Late Journeys: the Statesman

Chapter IX: Almeida Garrett and Anglo-Portuguese Cultural Interaction



Confidential dispatches from the Foreign Secretary to the Police Chief (A.N.T.T., MSS)
Palmela to Lima e Castro, Barao de Rendufe (1823)
Conde de Porto Santo to Lima e Castro, Barao de Rendufe (1826)
Documents relative to the Portuguese Legation in London (A.N.T.T., M.N.E., MSS)
John Adamson to Palmela (1828)
Garrett to Jose Balbino de Barbosa Araujo (1830)
Garrett's Petition to D. Maria II (1831)
Garrett's Petition to Abreu Lima (1833)
Papers Relative to Portugal 1831-1845 (BL, HHP, MSS): John Adamson to Lord Holland (1839)
Letters From British Correspondents to Almeida Garrett
Works of Almeida Garrett Published During His Lifetime (First Editions & Newspapers)


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