AIDS in Africa: The Social and Policy Impact

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From the editor of the Global AIDS Bulletin, which is published by the African-Caribbean Institute. Noted contributors dispel myths and misconceptions about AIDS in Africa. Excellent resource for policymakers.


"Very readable . . ." - Choice

"The editor's purpose is to provide an overview of issues and questions related to the AIDS epidemic in Africa and its social and policy implications. In this regard they have been successful. The volume clearly reflects current trends in medical and social science thinking about AIDS in Africa." - Africa Today

". . . covers a wide range of issues focusing on epidemiology, historical and ecological implications of HIV and AIDS, and issues of management, policy, politics and education. . . . a useful starting point for social scientists and epidemiologists concerned with HIV and AIDS research in Africa." - Tropical Diseases Bulletin

". . . one of the first publications on the topic to assemble a truly interdisciplinary set of contributors from both academic and non-academic institutions. . . . In her first paper of the volume, Haq summarizes epidemiological data for every country in

Table of Contents

Foreword, Kenneth Prewitt

Preface, Russell Morgan and Norman Miller


Map of Africa

Introduction, Norman Miller and Richard C. Rockwell

Part I: Epidemiology and Current Assessment

Overview: Africa, AIDS and Epidemiology, Robert J. Bigger

Data on AIDS in Africa: An Assessment, Cynthia Haq

Epidemiology on HIV and AIDS in Africa: Emerging Issues and ImplicationsBarbara Boyle Torrey, Peter O.Way, Patricia M. Rowe

Part II: Historic and Ecological Implications

AIDS in Africa: Historical Roots, Marc H. Dawson

Historical and Ecological Ramifications for AIDS in Eastern and Central Africa, Rodger Yeager

Part III: Issues of Management, Policy and Politics

Management of AIDS Patients: Case Report from Uganda, Cynthia Haq

Traditional Healers and AIDS Management, Charles Good

The HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Africa: Issues of Donor Strategy, Gary Merritt, William Lyerly, Jack Thomas

The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in AIDS Prevention: Parallels to African Family Planning Activity, Edward Greeley

The Politics of Disease: The AIDS Virus and Africa, Gloria Waite

Part IV: Issues of Society and Education

Overview: Social Factors in the Transmission and Control of AIDS, David Brokensha

AIDS in Africa: An Agenda for Behavioral Scientists, Edward C. Green

Evaluating Social Science Data Relating to AIDS in Africa, Francis Paine Conant

AIDS and Society in Central Africa: A View from Zaire, Brooke Grundfest Schoepf, Claude Schoepf, Walu Engundu, Payanzo Ntsomo

Part V: Resource Material for the Study of AIDS in Africa

Resources on the Social Impact of AIDS in Africa, Nancy Schmidt

Sexually-Related Illness in Eastern and Central Africa: A Selected Bibliography, Tom Barton

Resources for Teaching about AIDS in Africa: Curricular and Filmographic Material, Cathleen Church, Rikka Trangsrud

Resource Guide to Non-Governmental Organizations Concerned with AIDS in Africa Based in North America, Ann Gowan, Priscilla Reining

Resource Guide to Non-Governmental Organizations Concerned with AIDS in Africa Based in the United Kingdom, Marianne Haslegrave

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