A Translation of Þorskfirðinga (gull Þóris) saga

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This volume provides an opportunity for individuals to gain access to an Old Icelandic saga which has, otherwise, received little scholarly attention. It has only come to the notice of scholars, up till now, by virtue of its inclusion of a possible ‘Bear’s son folk-tale’ analogue. While this feature of the narrative is dealt with in the introduction to this translation, the saga also has other interesting features. It was written down toward the end of the period of saga writing (ca. AD 1400) and is found in only one medieval vellum manuscript. It reveals itself as a narrative deriving from a set of complex forces at work in the late Middle Ages, forces which are as literary as political or historical. This translation and critical introduction will enable analysis to be undertaken by those whose linguistic competences do not include Old Icelandic.


“. . . a welcome addition to old Icelandic studies. His introductory overview of scholarly debate regarding saga structure and categorization is eminently useful, his style is generally accessible, and his translation of the saga is a joy to read. His bibliography combines both current studies, others throughout the twentieth century, and works published in the nineteenth – a boon to scholars.” – Loren Gruber

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword; Preface
Part One: Theoretical Approaches
Introduction; Current Approaches to Genre in the Sagas; Attempts to Identify Characteristics within Saga Genres; Resistance to Generic Grouping; Conclusion
Part Two: Þorskfirðinga Saga
Introduction; Structure; Style; Theme; Intertextuality; Generic Characteristics; Conclusion
A Translation of Þorskfirðinga Saga

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