A Critique of the Liberal Idea of a Person. The Contradiction Within Equalitarian Ethical Theory

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This study argues for the essential link between objectivity and personhood. How
personhood is understood dramatically affects social formations and how individuals are treated.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Setting
1.1 The Bridge

Chapter 2. Persons and World
2.1 Summary And Some Prelude

Chapter 3. Persons And Information
3.1 The What And The Who
3.2 Rationality
3.3 The Master Thought
3.4 Consciousness, Language and Information
3.5 The New Cogito
3.6 Why We Are Not Materialists
3.7 Why We Are Not Pragmatists
3.8 Why We Are Not Davidsonians
3.9 Empiricism And Information
3.10 A Conjecture On Personal Identity
3.11 Summary And More Prelude

Chapter 4. Persons And Their Lives
4.1 The Categories Of A Life
4.2 The Categories Of Agency

Chapter 5. Persons And Politics
5.1 The Person In Politics
5.2 The Twinning Of Religion And Politics
5.3 Things Persons Should Know How To Describe Their Way Out Of
5.3.1 Diversity
5.3.2 Equal Opportunity
5.3.3 Elitism
5.3.4 Multiculturalism
5.3.5 Impartiality
5.3.6 Muzzling
5.4 A Secular Argument Against Abortion
5.5 The Last Best Test Of Democracy
5.6 The Information Market

Chapter 6. Conceptual Hygiene: Why We Need Philosophy

Selected Bibliography

From the Foreword:
“. . . a refreshing, challenging vision of how one might philosophize about some of the most difficult and controversial issues in ethics and politics.”
­-Prof. George Englebretsen, Université de Provence

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