A Comparative Study of Adjustments to Social Catastrophes in Christianity and Buddhism: The Black Death in Europe and the Kamakura Takeover in Japan as Causes of Religious Reform

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The study contends that, due to the parallel religious issues respectively raised by the late classical transition to decentralized feudal rule in Japan and by the Black Death in Europe, Buddhist theological developments mirror in their internal logic the succession from late medieval Catholicism to Lutheranism to Calvinism.


“[The author’s] work makes a significant contribution to Buddhist-Christian Studies. However, from a generalist’s perspective on comparative religious history, there is broader scholarly contribution made by this book.”-Prof. John K. Simmons, Western Illinois University “We share in the author’s wish that such a comparative study both deepens our understanding of different traditions and also further encourages interreligious dialogue.”-Prof. Iain S. Maclean, James Madison University

“This most engaging book identifies real parallels in the lives and theologies of first generation reformers Honen and Luther as well as the later reformers Shinran and Calvin… Clearly, the human quest for salvation transcends the boundaries of time and geography! I highly recommend this thought provoking comparative study to both students and scholars.”-Prof. Kay K. Jordan, Radford University

Table of Contents




1. Contextualization
Japanese and European Religio-Historical Backgrounds

2. Social Catastrophes and the Divine-Human Relationship
Religious Perceptions and Theological Ramifications

3. H?nen and Luther
Salvation by Faith Alone

4. Shinran and Calvin
Salvation by Grace Alone

Concluding Reflections



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