A Catalogue of the Works of Ralph Shapey

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"The purpose of this catalogue is to list the works of the composer Ralph Shapey, with additional information that might serve--among others--students, performers, and librarians. The catalogue information herein was gathered primarily from Presser Publications in Bryn Mawr, PA, where several files of program notes, clippings of reviews, and final copies of Shapey's works are kept. In addition, information was gathered from the holdings of the New York Public Library and Shape's private collection. The listing is as comprehensive as possible, inclusive even of certain early works withdrawn from publication at the request of the composer. Certain entries contain information sent to me by Shapey." Patrick Finley [Introduction]

Table of Contents

The Biography
The Catalogue
Shapey's Compositional Method
Appendix A: Scores for Analyses
Appendix B: Works Arranged by Medium/Instrumental Forces
Appendix C: Discography

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