A Bibliography of 13,632 Novels Written by British and American Women From 1500-1900: Listed and Cross-Listed by Birth Name and Married Name (Volume 2)

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This bibliography collects literary works written by women in multiple genres from 1500 – 1900. It excludes works that are non-literary such as cookbooks or guidebooks, and instead focuses on novels and memorial volumes that are written by women.

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It provides information on fiction of at 150 words published by British and American women from 1500-1900. It provides a comprehensive list of books by women in the five genres with the goal of developing a research tool for identifying women who wrote or were known under a variety of names and pseudonyms.

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#3439. EASTWICK, Egerton. The trial of Margaret
(Brerton. L: T.J. Stanley, 1891
Rec #: 3439
Abstract: [Same title by Thomas Shinkwin, 1849. Crime & criminals.]

#6889. LANGFORD, Grace 19c. Werona: A romance of
Australian domestic life. L: Longmans,
Green, 1884; 2 (Harper & bros.,): 1884.
Rec #: 6889
Keywords: Australia/domestic

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