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This work is the first comprehensive, full-length work on Alice Duer Miller and her contributions to American letters and cultural history. This original research will be of practical use to researchers and scholars in the areas of American literature, American studies, film history, Broadway history, and gender studies.


“Patrick Coyne has provided a well-researched and much needed bio-bibliography of Alice Duer Miller, an important twentieth-century American writer who has attracted a lot of critical attention in the past ten years. His exhaustive research and eye for detail make this bio-bibliography invaluable to anyone working on Miller today.” – Prof. Mary Chapman, University of British Columbia

“Patrick Coyne’s bibliography will be a great boon to the increasing number of scholars interested in Miller’s work. The bibliography should contribute to scholars moving beyond studying Miller as a feminist and suffragist to considering her work as a popular satirical novelist and best-selling poet. Coyne’s bibliography provides us a detailed guide to the many roads—journalism, politics, film, periodical literature, fiction, poetry—that Miller traveled in the first half of the twentieth century.” – Dr. Katherine Swett, The Brearley School

Table of Contents

Preface by Katherine Swett
Alice Duer Miller (1874—1942)
Alice Duer Miller: A Bibliography
Archival Collections
I. Alice Duer Miller Papers and Duer Family Papers
II. Other Archival Collections
III. Manuscript Collections
Primary Works, Books / Other Media
I. Collected Works
II. Prose
With Harriet Burton Laidlaw
With Susan Myers
By Henry Wise Miller
III. Verse
With Caroline Duer
IV. Drama
V. Broadway Plays
VI. Filmography
A. Screenplays / Screenplay Adaptations
B. Screenplay Adaptations, Foreign
C. Performances
D. Manuscripts / Scripts
VII. Radio Programs
A. Performances
B. Scripts
VIII. Musical Compositions
IX. Anthologies
A. Prose
B. Verse
C. Drama
Primary Works, Periodicals
I. Prose
As Felicia Goddard
With Helen Christine Bennett
With Henry Wise Miller
By Caroline Duer and Henry Wise Miller
By Henry Wise Miller
II. Verse
III. “Are Women People?” Columns, The New York Tribune, 1 Feb. 1914—4 Nov. 1917
IV. Drama
Secondary Works
I. Books
II. Periodicals
A. Criticism I Reviews, Prose and Verse
Rev. of Barnard College: The First Fifty Years
Rev. of All Our,Lives
Rev, of 0. Henry Memorial Prize Stories 1920
Rev. of Varied Harvest: A Miscellany of Writing by Barnard Women 1888—1953
B. Criticism I Reviews, Drama
C. Criticism I Reviews, Films
D. Criticism I Reviews, Radio Programs
E. Barnard College
F. Barnard Bulletin
G. Woman Suffrage & Political Activities
H. Sheet Music
I. Sound Recording
J. Obituaries
K. Miscellaneous
Appendix A
Chronological Bibliography, Primary Works, Prose in Periodicals
Appendix B
Chronological Bibliography, Primary Works, Verse in Periodicals
Appendix C
Chronological Bibliography, Primary Works, “Are Women People?” Columns, The New York Tribune, 1 Feb. 1914—4 Nov. 1917
Appendix D
Chronological Bibliography, Primary Works, Prose in Periodicals: Harper’s Magazine
Appendix E
Chronological Bibliography, Primary Works, Prose in Periodicals: The Saturday Evening Post
Appendix F
Chronological Bibliography, Primary Works, Prose in Periodicals: Scribner’s Magazine
Appendix G
Chronological Bibliography, Primary Works, Prose in Periodicals: Woman’s Home Companion
Appendix H
Are Women People? (1915), by Alice Duer Miller Appendix I
“Are Women People?’: Alice Duer Miller’s Poetry and Politics,” by Mary Chapman
Appendix J
The New York Times, “An Interview with Alice Duer Miller”
Appendix K
The New York Times, “Alice Duer Miller Dies At Home Here”
Appendix L
The New York Times, “Alice Duer Miller”

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