Smale, William

Dr. William T. Smale holds a Ph.D from the University of Alberta. He is now an Associate Professor in the School of Education and Professional Learning at Trent University.

Alarming Relation Between Early School Leaving and Crime: A Case Study of Twelve Male School Drop-Outs Who Ended Up Behind Bars
2012 0-7734-2661-2
Smale and Gounko study twelve men who dropped out of school early, and wound up in juvenile delinquency. While many studies have suggested a link between early school leaving and delinquency nobody has done a study from the perspective of the criminals using dissimilar populations. The directional causality between criminal behavior and dropping out of school has yet to be established, and this study brings researchers one step closer to fully understanding which one happens first. The authors outline a long list of factors that contribute to early school leaving, and they insist that educators can play a role in impacting the in school environment to create positive outcomes for students on the fence about dropping out.

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2016 1-4955-0405-0
This eclectic book provides legal and administrative perspectives for educators, healthcare workers and others wishing to learn how to envision and create collegial environments to enhance student accommodation for safe and caring schools in relationship to the complex and varied cultural and social justice issues faced by administrators, teachers and policy makers.

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