Boezelman, Wijnand

Dr. Wijnand Boezelman is an Educational Consultant at the Global Leadership Institute in New Delhi. He received his Ph.D. from the Protestant Theological University.

Athanasius' Use of the Gospel of John: A Rhetorical Reading of the Oration against Arians
2019 1-4955-0724-6
Athanasius and his Orations against the Arians are known for three things. First of all, the Orations are famous for being a landmark in the development of the orthodox Christological (and Trinitarian) doctrines. Second, the Orations against the Arians are well known for their pervasive use of Scripture, more than other contemporaneous works. Thirdly, Athanasius and his Orations are considered infamous by many scholars for the polemical style in denouncing his opponents. Athanasius collectively brands his opponents as Arians, portraying them with the use of quite hostile language in a most unfavourable light. As a result, scholarly evaluations of Athanasius and his Orations against the Arians vary greatly in their assessment. This monograph brings together these three strands, which are frequently discussed in relative isolation from each other.