Bodine, Walter R.

Dr. Walter R. Bodine received his Ph.D. with majors in Biblical Hebrew and Hebrew Bible Studies from Harvard University. He taught New Testament Greek at Crichton College; has served as an Associate Professor of Semitics and Old Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, worked as a Research Affiliate in the Babylonian Collection at Yale University and currently serves as Pastor Emeritus, International Church at Yale.

HOW MESOPOTAMIAN SCRIBES LEARNED TO WRITE LEGAL DOCUMENTS: A Study of the Sumerian Model Contracts in the Babylonian Collection at Yale University
2015 0-7734-3537-9
A remarkable and important work that provides insight into social and economic activities provided to us in the cuneiform records of ancient periods revealing how these activities were negotiated and regulated by laws and contracts, through records of the Sumerian model contracts from the Mesopotamian scribal school curriculum. An essential reference work for any student of ancient Mesopotamian history and comparative law.

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