Brecher, W. Puck

About the author: After receiving an MA in Japanese Studies from the University of Michigan, Puck Brecher moved to Japan in order to continue his research on the concepts of nature and environment. After working for one year with an environmental NGO in T

An Investigation of Japan’s Relationship to Nature and Environment
2000 0-7734-7768-3
This comprehensive reference introduces the significance of the natural environment in Japan’s ancient culture, in its modern society, and in its future political agendas. The book covers nature as a formative phenomenon in Japanese history, religion, philosophy and art; the modern history of Japan’s environmental problems and its successes and failures in dealing with them; the state of Japan’s natural environment today, how it has been transformed and how this transformation reflects the cultural nexus; the country’s grassroots environmental movements and their sociopolitical significance; and Japan’s political culture and the forces which are currently poised to revolutionize the country’s official position on the environment. It includes personal interviews with specialists from government, industry, NGOs, and academia. As a comprehensive yet detailed study, this volume will interest those in environmental and cultural studies and readers interested in Japan. It is also suitable as a supplemental text for courses in environmental history, environmental ethics, and Japanese culture. It will be an important source of statistics and historical analysis for the environmentalist community.

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