Khalipov, V.F.

Kratology: All About Power, an Encyclopedic Textbook
2001 0-7734-3171-3

Price: $259.95

Science About Power (cratology)
1999 0-7734-3229-9
The book by gives for the first time a systematic account of the knowledge related to power – a key phenomenon in the life of man, society and state, which for a long time has lacked an independent science. This book, devoted to this new science, characterizes the essence and features of power, its different types, forms, structures, mechanisms, technologies. A foundation is given for the whole system – about 50 basic, special and complex sciences (general, theoretical, comparative applied cratologies, sociology of power, anatomy of power, psychology of power etc.) which characterize this creature of living nature, creature of human mind and occasional punishment and test of human genius –.

Price: $239.95