Kim, Uksun

Dr. Uksun Kim is an Associate Professor and Chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering at California State University, Fullerton. He earned his Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. His research interests include seismic design of building systems with steel joist girders, partially-restrained connections and concrete-filled tubes, seismic rehabilitation of pre-stressed building systems, and structural fire engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer in Washington and a LEED AP.

Indeterminate Structural Analysis
2013 0-7734-4470-X
This textbook covers the analysis of indeterminate structures by force method, displacement method and stiffness method in a total of six chapters which can be covered in a single course on indeterminate structural analysis. It includes an as-needed discussion of the unit load method, which is arguably the best method to calculate deflections when solving problems by the force method.

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