Heavner, Tracy Lee

About the author: Dr. Tracy Lee Heavner received his DME from the University of Northern Colorado. He is currently Associate Professor in the music department at the University of South Alabama, as well as a performing artist in commercial, jazz, and symphony concerts.

Sight Singing and Rhythmic Reading
2003 0-7734-6850-1
For many music students, the most difficult skill to develop is the ability to sight sing. This book utilitzes solfege, rhythmic syllables, handsigns, memorized melodies, body rhythms, echo chains, chord progressions, four-part singing and conducting patters. It is the only textbook to combine all these features into an effective approach of teaching sight singing and rhythmic reading. This approach works well with young students as well as college students. With proper practice and mastery of each exercise presented in this book, students will develop excellent sight singing, rhythmic reading and conducting skills.

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