Del Valle, Tony

About the author: Tony Del Valle has a PhD in Literature, Literacy and Rhetoric from the University of Illinois - Chicago. He currently teaches writing, literature and fiction at Columbia College, Chicago.

Written Literacy Features of Three Puerto Rican Family Networks in Chicago. An Ethnographic Study
2001 0-7734-7641-5
Little study as been done on the Puerto Rican family as the nexus for the Puerto Rican youngster’s cultural experience and literacy. Puerto Ricans are the second largest Latino group in Chicago. Two-thirds of Puerto Ricans in Chicago have not finished high school; they are at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale; and over a quarter of Puerto Rican households receive welfare assistance. This study examines the patterns of language, literacy and learning in Puerto Rican families. It provides a basis for understanding the unique ways in which Puerto Ricans use language in the home, at school, and in other public spheres, and for developing the ‘bridging skills’ necessary to attain genuine multi-literacy.

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