Gabriel, Theodore

About the author: Dr. Theodore Gabriel graduated from the Madras Christian College, India. After teaching in Kerala and Lakshadweep Islands, he did postgraduate work in the University of Aberdeen in Social Anthropology and Religious Studies. He is a Senio

Hindu and Muslim Inter-Religious Relations in Malaysia
2000 0-7734-7713-6
This study focuses on the minority Hindus and their interaction with the majority Malay-Muslim community. The Hindus of Malaysia since independence from colonial rule have been seriously marginalized owing to their lack of demographic, economic and political power. Current Islamic resurgence and strident calls for Islamicization of the state have adversely affected the Hindus and created apprehension in the community. This has resulted in augmenting Hindu religiosity and sense of identity. The alienation, ghettoization and economic decline of the Hindus are pressing problems that the Malaysian nation has to tackle.

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Hindu-Muslim Relations in North Malabar, 1498-1947
1996 0-7734-8961-4
This volume studies the dynamics of Hindu-Muslim relations in a hitherto little-known part of the province in India, North Malabar, paying special attention to the impact of external political powers on the communal situation. Besides the political history, it also examines social organization, habits of communality, intermarriage, mutual adaptations in literature, music, architecture, and other indications of cultural osmosis. Previously unused sources in the regional language, Malayalam, and the Alexander Bowland Papers on Malabar held by the National Library of Scotland provide important information of use to historians, sociologists, anthropologists, scholars of comparative religion, and political science.

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