Lowe, Thaddeus S.C.

Memoirs of Thaddeus S.C. Lowe, Chief of the Aeronautic Corps of the Army of the United States During the Civil War
2004 0-7734-6522-7
Although Thaddeus Lowe is a known figure to some historians, his scientific contributions such as the portable gas generators that filled his balloons and the compression ice machine that introduced “artificial” ice to the world, remain largely hidden. Ironically, it is very possible to find literature that references his work and his Civil War experiences, yet it is nearly impossible to read the book that this related literature is based upon – Lowe’s autobiography. This book has been painstakingly prepared from one of the only known copies of Lowe’s difficult-to-decipher text. This amplified autobiography includes photographs of the inventor and his balloons as well as photos of artifacts such as correspondences (including a handwritten note from President Lincoln) and receipts. It also contains relevant maps and supplementary information to enhance understanding of Lowe’s journeys and the battles he participated in.

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