Buzina, Tatyana

About the author: Tatyana Buzina, a graduate of the Division of Philology of the Moscow State University, did her graduate studies at Yale University. Her academic interests, besides the research into the works of Fedor Dostoevsky, include the poetry and cultural mythology of the Russian Silver Age. She is currently an adjunct in Global studies in Trinity College and the resident director of the Trinity-in-Moscow program.

Dostoevsky and Social and Metaphysical Freedom
2003 0-7734-6643-6
In structuring her argument about the dynamic by which the notions of fate and freedom operate throughout Doetoevsky's canon, Dr. Buzina brings together four different, though interrelated traditions, the romantic tradition from Schelling to Berlin, Old Norse mythology, the Russian Folk tradition as reflected both in folk tales and in old hymns and dirges, and the Bible.

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