Kochetkova, Tatjana

Dr. Tatiana Kochetkova is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Utrecht University for Humanist Studies. She has earned doctorates from both Nijmegen University and Kiev National University. Dr. Kochetkova’s philosophical career started with an in-depth exploration of the Russian fin-de-siècle personalism. She is the author of a series of articles ranging from the phenomenology of the unconscious to the psychological effects of nature.

Search for Authentic Spirituality in Modern Russian Philosophy
2007 0-7734-5412-8
This book traces the quest for self-realization that inspired the Russian Cultural Renaissance at the turn of the twentieth century, also called the Silver Age, from its fin-de-siècle inception until the present day. Following the historical periods under consideration, the study breaks into three parts: the first is concerned with the quest for transcendence in Vladimir Solov’ëv’s theory of Divine Humanity; the second considers the way in which Solov’ëv’s Silver Age philosophical and poetic followers utilized and developed his ideas about self-realization; finally, the third considers contemporary discussions regarding the possibility of transcendence and self-realization. This book goes beyond mere historical-philosophical curiosity: it is an attempt to understand the idea of self-realization in a global context.

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