Model, Suzanne

Dr. Suzanne Model is Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Work and Social Science from the University of Michigan. She specializes in cross-national comparisons of immigrants' economic attainment, with particular emphasis on the Afro-Caribbean diaspora. Dr. Model’s articles have appeared in such journals as Racial and Ethnic Studies, Demography and International Migration Review.

Child Rearing in Six Ethnic Families
2006 0-7734-6092-6
This volume reports the results of several empirical studies on indigenous and non-indigenous Dutch families conducted in the late nineties by leading Dutch experts on child rearing. The non-indigenous groups were chosen to represent the three major types of immigration to Holland: voluntary labor migrants (Turks, Moroccans and Chinese), colonial migrants (Surinamese Creoles) and refugees (Somalis). The studies were conceived in response to a government initiative to obtain information regarding “normal family life” in contemporary Dutch society. Their goal was to facilitate prevention and intervention in the field of child welfare and parental support.

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