Silverman, Susan R.

Susan R. Silverman is Professor and Head of Public Services at Winthrop University. She received her M.Ed. Degree from the University of South Carolina and the MSLS degree from Catholic University in Washington, D.C. She is co-author of A Documented History of Gullah Jack Pritchard and the Denmark Vesey Slave Insurrection of 1822 (The Edwin Mellen Press, 2001).

A Documented History of Gullah Jack Pritchard and the Denmark Vesey Slave Insurrection of 1822
2001 0-7734-7662-8
The Denmark Vesey slave revolt of 1822 was one of the most massive slave revolts ever planned, involving an estimated 9,000 slaves. The plot was discovered only two days before the scheduled uprising. In the aftermath, over 100 slaves were arrested, 35 executed. One of the slaves executed was an African-born conjurer names Gullah Jack Pritchard. He recruited his fellow Angolan countrymen by promising them protection with the magic charms he distributed. His cunning, persuasion and knowledge of African religion induced many to enlist in the ill-fated revolt. Though much has been written about Denmark Vesey, this monograph is the first to detail the importance of Gullah Jack in the insurrection. It integrates original documents along with narrative detailing the life of Gullah Jack prior to and during the planned insurrection. The original documents, providing the flavor of the time, have been duplicated as close to their original format as possible.

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Immigration in the American South 1864-1895
2006 0-7734-5725-9
After the Civil War, the southern states experienced a decline in the labor force, particularly those needed to work the fields. Consequently, the South gathered together to recruit immigrants, both foreign as well as domestic. This book examines these efforts, focusing on major southern immigration conventions and their objectives and accomplishments.

During the last years of the 1860s, the individual southern states were occupied publishing descriptive handbooks expounding the reasons to relocate to their state. In 1876, 14 states gathered at a convention in New Orleans to address the issue of immigration. In 1883, the Southern Immigration Association of America was formed under the leadership of A.J. McWhirter. The following year, this organization held a three-day convention in Nashville. In 1888, the Southern Interstate Immigration Association held the first of at least three conventions in the town of Montgomery, followed in 1890 at Asheville and again in 1894 at Augusta.

Included in this book are proceedings of the Southern Immigration Association Convention and the first convention of the Southern Interstate Immigration Association. Newspaper coverage of these major conventions and other smaller conventions is included. As the southern railroads played a major part in immigration efforts, this book also includes information on their role and activities in encouraging immigrants to relocate to southern states. In the concluding chapter, state-by-state charts analyze the state population statistics from 1870 to 1900.

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