Lenski, Susan Davis

Susan Davis Lenski is a Professor in Elementary Teacher Education at Illinois State University. Before joining the faculty of ISU, Dr. Lenski taught in public schools for 20 years. She currently teaches undergraduate and graduate reading and language arts courses. Among her numerous awards, Dr. Lenski was presented with the Nila Banton Smith Award from the International Reading Association; she was instrumental in her school receiving an Exemplary Reading Program Award from the International Reading Association; and she was conducted into the Illinois Reading Hall of Fame. She was director of the Professional Development School in Wheeling, Illinois for eight years, and has written over sixty articles and ten books.

Transforming Teacher Education Through Partnerships
2004 0-7734-6512-X
This study describes twenty-five projects that take place in more than ten university-school communities, most of which were derived from the Illinois Professions Learners’ partnership (IPLP) project. The project stems from a Department of Education Teacher Quality Enhancement grant whose goal is to transform teacher education throughout the country. It looks at six aspects of teacher education that can make a difference in preparing teacher candidates for all schools, and especially for high-need schools. These aspects are developing partnerships, collaborations, meeting the needs of all students, technology, field and clinical experiences, and teacher induction. Each of these areas is described in the section overview and chapters detail successful projects in each area.

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