Hwang, Sunwoo

Dr. Sunwoo Hwang received his Ph.D. in Old Testament Study from the University of Edinburgh in the UK. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Old Testament Studies at Chongshin Theological Seminary, Chongshin University, South Korea.

Hope for the Restoration of the Davidic Kingdom in the light of the Davidic Covenant in Chronicles
2014 0-7734-4266-9
A fresh investigation of all the texts of the Davidic covenant appearing in the book of Chronicles. The focus of this study is to examine the texts in an effort to understand why the Chronicler’s view emphasized a hope of a postexilic restoration of the Davidic kingdom, rather than being content with the construction of the Temple and the revival of cultic sacrifices. This is an outstanding definitive work on this on-going theologically divisive subject.

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