Oberhelman, Steven M.

About the authors: Steven M. Oberhelman received his PhD in Classics from the University of Minnesota. He is currently a Professor at Texas A&M University, and the editor of Helios. He has published several books, and many articles, dictionary articles, and reviews.

Prose Rhythm in Latin Literature of the Roman Empire - First Century B.c. to Fourth Century A.d
2003 0-7734-6667-3
This study provides a comprehensive assessment of the ancient and modern evidence on Latin prose rhythm in a single volume. Any student of ancient rhythmical style will find very useful the extended excursuses on the theories of Greek and Roman rhetoricians and literary critics, and will be well served by the detailed discussions and explanations of the complex methodologies crafted by German, French, Russian, Italian, British, and American scholars since 1881 to analyze prose rhythm.

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