Hart, Stephen M.

Professor Stehpen M. Hart received his Ph.D. from Cambridge and served as a Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at Westfield College (now Queen Mary and Westfield College) University of London for many years.

Feminist Readings on Spanish and Latin-American Literature
1991 0-7734-9440-5
These essays are the British contribution to the ongoing debate on the interaction between feminism and hispanism. Writers examined include Calderón, Galdós, Valle-Inclán, Unamuno, Pardo Bazán, Rosa Chacel, Alfonsina Storni, Bombal, Luisa Valenzuela, and others.

Spanish, Catalan and Spanish-American Poetry from Modernismo to the Spanish Civil War: The Hispanic Connection
1991 0-88946-697-1
Compares and evaluates specific landmarks in the history of modern Hispanic literature, with particular reference to modernismo, the avant-garde, surrealism, political and war poetry, and key pure poetry motifs such as self-reflexivity, the Work, essentialism, abstraction and silence. Seeks out the often invisible Hispanic connection linking the work of the Spanish, Catalan and Spanish-American poet in the twentieth century through close readings of selected poems. Makes a plea for a comparative approach in its use of Harold Bloom's theory of the `anxiety of influence.' Gives special attention to Darío's influence on Antonio Machado and Juan Ramón Jiménez; the influence of Stéphane Mallarmé and Paul Valéry in the works of Jiménez, Jorge Guillén, Salinas and Charles Riba; and the use of surrealist motifs in selected poems by Lorca, Cernuda, Alberti, Aleixandre, Foix, Rosselló Pòrcel and Octavio Paz.