Borruso, Silvano

Dr. Silvano Borruso received his doctorate in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Catania and has taught a number of years in Nairobi, Kenya. He has published a number of books and articles.

Establishing a Natural Economic Order Through Free-Land and Free-Money by Silvio Gesell, a Founder of the 1919 Bavarian Soviet Republic
2014 0-7734-1574-2
Gesell’s thesis is that: the form of money inherited from the ancient world embodies a never solved practical contradiction between the functions of medium of exchange and the storing of value. This contradiction is at the basis of usury, and with it of all social disorders from the unemployed proletariat to war. His solution: Free Money, shorn of its function as store of value and reduced to pure medium of exchange. The last part is a general theory of interest based on Free Money, which clinches all the previous arguments. Having bared the source of the scourge of usury, Gesell furnishes abundant material for thoroughly judging economic theory and practice. His orderly array of arguments is of unanswerable cogency. Anyone who has read The Natural Economic Order cannot help admitting that is the most extraordinary book on economics ever written.

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History of Usury Viewed From Silvio Gesell's natural Economic Order: The Millennial War Between Money Commodity the Mistress, Against Money Medium of Exchange the Servant, of the Economy
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Readers who have appreciated Gesell's Natural Economic Order will find in this study further reasons for continued intellectual enjoyment. Usury is the most effective form of global power in that it controls the money of a country.

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