Yu, Shiao-Ling S.

Dr. Shiao-Ling Yu earned her PhD in Chinese literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She is currently teaching Chinese Culture (Traditional and Modern), Modern Chinese Literature's and Film at Oregon State University.

Chinese Drama After the Cultural Revolution, 1979-1989 an Anthology
1996 0-7734-8780-8
This volume includes an introduction, translation of two traditional operas and five spoken plays, which represent the two major dramatic forms in China. Each of these works has broken new ground both as dramatic literature and as performing art. They are among the best and some of the most controversial plays produced in the post-Mao era, collectively represent a new trend which could transform modern Chinese drama. Despite their importance, they have not been translated into English except for two short excerpts. This anthology will be of interest to China scholars of different disciplines, as well as lay readers wanting to gain a better understanding of modern China. It would also make a good text book for a variety of courses, such as literature in translation, drama and theater, social and cultural studies.

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