Joo, Seung-Ho

About the author: Seung-Ho Joo, PhD, (Pennsylvania State University) is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota – Morris. Prior to coming to UMM, he taught at the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Minnesot

Gorbachev’s Foreign Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula, 1985-1991 Power and Reform
2000 0-7734-7817-5
This is the first volume in English to comprehensively analyze Gorbachev’s foreign policy toward the two Koreas. Drawing on interviews with key officials of South Korea and the Soviet Union/Russia and utilizing materials written in English, Korean, and Russian, Joo systematically explores the Soviet Union’s shifting goals and behavior toward the two Koreas, while focusing on the influence of Gorbachev’s shifting power position within the Soviet leadership on his Korea policy. Insightful and informative, this volume will be of interest to students of Soviet, post-Soviet, and Korean foreign relations, and to all those interested in the dynamic relationship between Gorbachev’s power consolidation at home and his foreign policy behavior.

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