Wagner-Wright, Sandra

History of the Macadamia Nut Industry in Hawai'i 1881-1981: From Bush Nut to Gourmet's Delight
1995 0-7734-9097-3
This study utilizes source materials in an unusual way. Traditional archival materials (documents, letters, journals and business records) do not reveal the entire story concerning the macadamia nut industry. Although these and publications by the Hawai'i Agricultural Experiment Station and the College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources at the University of Hawai'i are used extensively, this study also relies on newspaper reports and oral interviews to bring all the dimensions regarding the commercial development of the industry to the reader's attention.

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Structure of the Missionary Call to the Sandwich Islands, 1790-1830. Sojourners Among Strangers
1991 0-7734-9938-5
Looks at the theological, institutional, and personal foundations for the establishment of the mission field in Hawaii Foreign Missions. Discusses New England Calvinist theology and its institutional commitment to missionary activity. Profiles members of the 1820 and 1823 missionary companies to Hawaii in terms of their theology, conversion experience, expectations of missionary life, and response to the Hawaiians.

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