Richardson, Ruth Drucilla

Camilla, a Novella
1991 0-88946-367-0
Essentially represents what has been preserved of the intended second section of Dorothea Schlegel's novel Florentin. As a continuation of Florentin and as an independent novella, albeit in fragmentary form, Camilla supports Dorothea's contention that for her "longing and suspicion" constituted reality.

Price: $79.95

Florentin, a Novel
1989 0-88946-365-4
Written in 1801, Florentin was published anonymously. It shows the direct influence of Dorothea's later husband Friedrich Schlegel's Lucinde and that of her friend Schleiermacher's Vertraute Briefe über Friedrich Schlegels "Lucinde".

Price: $219.95

Friedrich Schleiermacher's Toward a Theory of Social Conduct and Essays in Its Intellectual-Cultural Content
1995 0-7734-8938-X
This is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the scholarly exploration of the life and thought of Friedrich Schleiermacher, and to the discussions of 19th-century European religion and culture.

Price: $199.95

Schleiermacher in Context: Papers from the 1988 International Symposium on Schleiermacher at Hernnhut, the German Democratic Republic (Schleiermache)
1991 0-7734-9793-5
A collection of Schleiermacher's work from an international academic symposium of his work.

Price: $279.95

State of Schleiermacher Scholarship Today
2006 0-7734-5742-9
This book includes 16 essays that are reflective of Friedrich Schleiermacher’s contributions across a number of disciplines as well as the wide range of Schleiermacher scholarship today.

Price: $239.95

An Historical Overview
1991 0-7734-9751-X
An historical overview of Schleiermacher's life covering major events, and with an emphasis on the role women played during the course of his life.

Price: $179.95

Understanding Schleiermacher
2003 0-7734-8324-1
Contains essays by leading international Schleiermacher scholars and translators. The essays are grouped under the headings: Schleiermacher’s Biography; Early Works; Philosophy; Theology; Schleiermacher and Later Religious Thinkers and Theologians; Bibliography; and a final essay by Terrence Tice, “Replies and Next Tasks.” Updated bibliography.

Price: $339.95