Irvine, Russell W.

Russell Irvine is a professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta. He received his Ph.D. in the Sociology of Education from Case Western Reserve University.

African American Quest for Institutions of Higher Education Before the Civil War: The Forgotten Histories of the Ashmun Institute, Liberia College and Avery College
2010 0-7734-1309-X
This study advances the understanding of black education during the antebellum era. It investigates the important ideological divisions that drove access to higher education for African Americans : the African Colonization Movement (A.C.S.), 1817–1862; and the Abolitionist Movement, 1830–1865. This study also provides some of the actual histories of those individuals who succeeded in obtaining an education as well as the histories of the institutions that served them. This book contains nineteen black and white photographs.

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