Craig, Russell L.

About the authors: Dr. Russell L. Craig, Professor of Criminal Justice, and Chairman of the Justice and Social Welfare Department at Ashland University has taught criminal justice and sociology courses since 1977, including specialized courses in Correctional Counseling, Penology, Probation and Parole, Criminology, and Human Sexuality. His practical experience includes positions in South Dakota on the Board of Pardons and Paroles, numerous half-way houses and juvenile facilities, and involvement with the South Dakota Penitentiary. Dr. Craig also served as liaison for the South Dakota Women's Prison and for the state hospital. Dr. David A. Rausch is Professor of History at Ashland University, and Chairman of the History and Political Science Department. He has taught a broad spectrum of history and cultural geography courses since 1974, and authored more than 20 books and published approximately 500 articles, chapters in edited works, encyclopedia articles and reviews during his teaching career. Also available for textbook use.

Historical, Philosophical, and Pragmatic Approach to Penology
1995 0-7734-8977-0
This volume is an excellent survey text, as it synthesizes the historical, theoretical, religious and philosophical areas of penology in the past four centuries. The pragmatic and illustrative nature of the text will give even seasoned veterans of the corrections system a better understanding of penology, and a more consistent and congruent development of their applications of correctional policy and practices. Includes case studies which show the broad spectrum of criminals and the variety of procedures employed with prisoners. Sociologists, psychologists, social workers, attorneys, parole and probation officers, correction officers, as well as many on the periphery of the criminal justice system will be enlightened by this text.

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