Jeal, Roy R.

Dr. Roy R. Jeal is Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at William and Catherine Booth college in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he teaches undergraduates and graduate students through the Winnipeg Theological Consortium.

Integrating Theology and Ethics in Ephesians: The Ethos of Communication
2000 0-7734-7741-1
This study examines the Letter to the Ephesians with the primary goal of indicating how the two distinct and diverse parts of the text (chapters 1-3 and chapters 4-6) are related. It proposes that the moral exhortation or paraenesis of Ephesians 4-6 is not directly or argumentatively derived from the theological narrative of Ephesians 1-3, but that the document persuades its Christian audience to accept exhortations and to behave in appropriate ways by reminding them of certain theological realities and encouraging identification with them. Methodologically, this book takes into account the oral/aural nature of early Christian texts and employs a rhetorical critical analysis of Ephesians as a way of observing the dynamics at work. As a whole, the work offers an explanation of how the halves of Ephesians are integrated with each other along with a full description of the rhetorical nature and characteristics of the letter.

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