Wolfe, Rolland E.

How the Easter Story Grew From Gospel to Gospel
1989 0-88946-003-5
Deals with the Easter occurrences: the reporters; the various ways of accounting for Jesus' Easter appearances, including theories that the disciples stole the body or that coma was followed by physical revival; proliferations of stories about Jesus' post-Easter ministries in parts of the world; and the development of Mary stories in connection with the Passion and Easter.

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Twelve Religions of the Bible
1982 0-88946-600-9
Shows the Bible to be a succession of twelve relatively separate religions, eight in the Old Testament and four in the New: the Sumero-Akkadian religion of Genesis 1-11; the Aramaean religion of the patriarchal nomads; the Egypto-Midianite religion of Moses; Joshua's religion of genocide; the Canaanite-Hebrew religion of the Judges and Kings; the revolutionary religion of Israel's prophets; Judaism; the humanistic religion of poets and scholars; the Mandaean religion of John the Baptist; the spiritual religion of Jesus; Paul's mystical religion of the indwelling of Christ; and the apocalyptic religion of the Revelator.

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