Clarke, Roger

Dr. Roger Clarke graduated with First Class Honours in English and History at the University of the West of England in 2001, followed by a Master’s Degree with Distinction in English, which included a dissertation on John Buchan’s little known novel, A Prince of the Captivity. He completed his Ph.D. thesis on John Buchan’s journalism at UWE in 2015.

John Buchan: A Bibliographic Catalogue of His Uncollected Journalism
2018 1-4955-0678-9
This book is an extensive bibliographic catalogue of John Buchan’s uncollected journalism, over a thousand items in total. The articles are categorized by subject matter with summaries for each. This catalogue contains articles and reviews that have not been included in previous Buchan bibliographies.

Price: $379.95

The Journalistic Career of John Buchan (1875-1940) : A Critical Assessment of Its Context and Significance
2018 1-4955-0676-2
This book brings an academic focus to John Buchan's journalism for the first time. It breaks new ground by examining the style, structure, and content of his articles and reviews, arguing that Buchan should be considered an essayist of elegance and authority, an astute literary critic attuned to cultural trends, and a wide-ranging cultural commentator on his times.

Price: $199.95

The Journalistic Writings of John Buchan: Selected Essays, Reviews, and Opinion Pieces
2018 1-4955-0677-0
This book offers a selection of annotated essays derived from Buchan’s journalism which provides evidence of the interconnected nature of his journalism and his literary work. This is the first collection of his essays to be published since his death and the first to include scholarly notes.

Price: $219.95