Cadwallader, Robyn

Robyn Cadwallader teaches literature and creative writing at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

Three Methods for Reading the Thirteenth-Century seinte Maheretearchetypal, Semiotic, and Deconstructionist
2008 0-7734-4840-3
This study investigates the implications of the portrayal of the virgin martyr as dragon-slayer. An initial reading of the thirteenth-century text of Seinte Marherete would suggest that Margaret’s power to burst through the dragon’s back, and her self-appellation as kempe, or champion, demonstrates the power available to the virgin to overcome hell and its temptations. While this is a valid reading, it is insufficient to account for the many layers of meaning woven into the text. The wide range of approaches and areas covered will make this highly original study of interest to those working in many disciplines, such as literary theory, medieval studies (romance studies, virginity studies, saints’ Lives), teratology, feminist historical studies, body inscription and early and medieval Christian theology.

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