Whittaker, Robert

About the author: Robert Whittaker studied at Tufts College, Moscow University and Indiana University, where he received his doctorate. He is the co-editor of the first complete edition of Grigor’ev’s letters. He has also published studies on L. N. Tolsto

Russia’s Last Romantic - Apollon Grigor’ev (1822-1864)
1999 0-7734-7987-2
This comprehensive biography brings together all available significant material on Grigor’ev’s life and times to provide a thorough, unified historical description and analysis of his criticism, poetry and prose. It is based on previously unknown material, on his major works presented in the context of his entire opus, and on a number of unpublished writings, principally his letters. Appended is a complete listing of his writings, including letters, and of works about him. Grigor’ev was the foremost conservative literary critic of his age and is considered by many to be the greatest Russian critic of the 19th century. His poetry and literary theory anticipated traits of the Russian symbolists, who held him in high regard.

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