Aylett, Robert

Hans Sachs and Folk Theatre in the Late Middle Ages Studies in the History of Popular Culture
1995 0-7734-1344-8
An old tale is brought to life again in this study which traces the English reception history of Fortunatus (editio princeps: Augsburg, 1509). Drawing on his private collection and his international research, Blamires discusses treatments ranging from the Right Pleasant and Variable Tragical Historie of 1640 to the modern reprint of Andrew Lang's Grey Fairy Book. His narrative embraces the many little-known publications, and is supported by the first attempted bibliography of Fortunatus in English and the complete texts of four key versions.

Translations of the Carnival Comedies of Hans Sachs (1494-1576)
1995 0-7734-1342-1
Contains a general introduction to Sachs's carnival comedies together with nine plays in translation. The short situation comedies offer us brief but vivid enactments of scenes from daily life in the sixteenth century, humorously illustrating the petty foibles and weaknesses which govern us all. Yet in the few hundred lines which each occupies, he also touches on profound human truths, as well as highlighting current political and social ills. The plays will be of general interest to students of history, sociology, drama, and of the human condition in general, as well as to those who simply enjoy well-crafted comedy.