Herdlein, Richard J.

Dr. Richard Herdlein is Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration at the State University of New York College at Buffalo and author of Thyrsa Weatheow Amos: The Dean of Deans (NASPA Journal, 2004) and Kent State Revisited—Twenty-Five Years Later (College Student Personnel Journal, 1996). He also served in student affairs administration for thirty-one years, twenty-one as a Chief Student Affairs Officer and Adjunct Professor of History.

History of Innovation at the University of Pittsburgh
2006 0-7734-5876-X
This study provides a fascinating history of the evolution of student affairs and the chief student affairs officer position during the 20th century. It is primarily a book about people, individuals who served generations of college students with courage, passion, and perseverance. Through the protectiveness of the roaring 20s to the era of student unrest, the story is interwoven with events and political culture both internal and external to the university. The study highlights the program nurtured through the Dean of Women’s Office, a development of historical significance featuring one of the nationally recognized leaders in the early years of student affairs. The work also serves as an important source of historical documentation on the development of the modern American university. The thousands of administrators and faculty serving in the areas of general administration and teaching nationwide, but most particularly, those in student affairs administration will find the work inspiring and thought- provoking. Scholars and supporters of women’s issues will experience an enlightening picture of women’s education in the first half of the twentieth-century. The work provides appropriate reading for courses on women’s history and women in higher education.

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