Phillips, Rhonda G.

About the author: Dr. Rhonda Phillips is Director for the Center for Building Better Communities, an economic development research and education initiative of the University of Florida. She is an assistant professor of urban and regional planning in the College of Design, Construction and Planning. She holds dual professional certifications in economics development (CED) and planning (AICP) and has worked with local, regional, and national organizations in technology-based economic development planning and programming.

Evaluating Technology-Based Economic Development
2002 0-7734-6860-9
Investments in technology-based economic development programs have soared during the last few decades, with interest fueled by the emerging economy variously referred to as ‘digital,’ ‘information,’ knowledge,’ or ‘new.’ Development organizations at all levels have designed and integrated myriad programs and policies, each designed to capture the most technological benefit for their respective jurisdictions. This book provides a review of the conceptual and practical issues of evaluating technology-based economic development programs. Evaluations are illustrated through a case study of one of the U.S.’s longest-established technology development programs, the Advanced Technology Development Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Evaluative approaches include the use of surveys, fiscal impact and cost-benefit analysis.

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