Murphy, Remington

About the poet: Remington Murphy’s poetry has appeared in a dozen or so publications, most notably the Texas Review, Rattapallax, Magic Bullet, and the Plains Poetry Journal. In 1988 he edited the Magic Bullet Science Fiction Anthology. He received his BA and MA in English from Temple University.

2003 0-7734-3485-2
Cramped by the restrictions of the post-1945 personal lyric, Remington began experimenting with the masque, wondering if that Renaissance relic (exemplified by Jonson, Milton’s Comus, and Spenser’s Shepheardes Calendar) could be rejuvenated with a contemporary format. The masques in Boogaloo are arranged chronologically, and America’s place in history is the overriding thematic concern. Are we as a culture a 24-hour diner with a juke box and salad bar, an idealistic people with vision, a seedy neon-glittering gentleman’s club, a dysfunctional black-ops people, a people with an abusive past, headed for a fascist future?

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