Ankeny, Rebecca Thomas

About the author: Rebecca Thomas Ankeny spent her early life mostly in Burundi, Africa, the child of Quaker missionaries. She received her PhD at the University of Oregon. She currently teaches English at George Fox College in Newberg, Oregon.

Story, the Teller, and the Audience in George Macdonald’s Fiction
2000 0-7734-7728-4
Emphasizes George MacDonald’s achievement as a Victorian novelist, critic, and thinker who anticipates many of the issues surrounding readers, texts, and authors we tend to think of as modern or postmodern. It also shows his awareness of the role of faith in these literary interrelationships. It examines novels which are often overlooked, such as Sir Gibbie and Wilfrid Cumbermede, finding in these more realistic works similar textual preoccupations to those in the fantasies.

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