Plowright, Poh Sim

About the author: Poh Sim Plowright is Director of the Noh Centre and Lecturer in Oriental Drama at Royal Holloway, London University. She has published and broadcast on Asian Theatre and in 1999 became the first Briton to be awarded the International Uchimura Prize.

Mediums, Puppets and the Human Actor in the Theatres of the East
2002 0-7734-7057-3
This book brings together a powerful universal myth – that of the Birdwoman, which has been the inspiration of several Asian theatres and the subject of many Asian plays – and the connection between string-puppet and human actor movements within the Asian theatrical tradition. It is a book about theatre as ritual and as power-struggle, and presents for the first time a study of Lady Jôruri, herself a semi-mythical figure, who gave her name to the world’s most sophisticated puppet theatre. With illustrations.

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