Preuss, Peter

Epicurean Ethics: Katastematic Hedonism
1994 0-7734-9124-4
The fundamental problem of Epicurean philosophy is understood as the problem of being human in a mechanical universe. A new interpretation of Epicurean ethics is developed against the background of a critical discussion of earlier interpretations. Although the whole range of the tetrapharmakos is covered in the book, as well as the Epicurean social philosophy of justice and friendship, the argument focusses on Epicurus' understanding of the nature of pleasure and pain and on the distinction between kinetic and katastematic pleasure.

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Reincarnation a Philosophical and Practical Analysis
1989 0-88946-342-5
Written in two sections. The analytic part demonstrates that reincarnation does occur in the informed rational view. The existential view addresses the question: What difference does it make to the way I live my life? A serious piece of scholarship made accessible to the intelligent layman without sacrificing professional rigor.

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