Trejo, Paul

About the author: Paul Trejo earned a BA from USNY and an MA from CSUDH. He is a member of the Hegel Society of American and has engaged in several years of continual Internet discourse on the controversies of the Hegel-Lists along with experts in Hegelian and Young Hegelian studies.

English Edition of Bruno Bauer’s 1843 Christianity Exposed: A Recollection of the Eighteenth Century and a Contribution to the Crisis of the Nineteenth Century
2002 0-7734-7183-9
Bruno Bauer wrote scores of scholarly books which were widely quoted. He was a mentor to Marx and an elder mentor to Nietzsche, and his controversial theology impelled the Prussian government to ban him from lecturing. This remarkable work, first banned, and then ignored contains historical clues into the temper of the time. He advanced Hegel’s theological phenomenology, especially with his treatment of the moment of transition from Stoicism to Christianity.

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