Grosch, Paul

About the author: Dr. Paul Grosch is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, and Subject Board Chair for Theology and Philosophy in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, at the College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth, England. He was awarded his doctorate in the philosophy of education from Exeter University. He has published widely in the philosophy of education and in ethics, being co-author, with Dr. Peter Vardy, of the highly successful The Puzzle of Ethics, now in its second edition and translated into four languages.

Recognition of the Spirit and Its Development as Legitimate Concerns of Education
2000 0-7734-7541-9
This study begins by examining four representative views concerning the nature and scope of spirituality. Anthropology, theology and history, biology and psychology, and finally analytic philosophy of education are all brought to bear on the question of the legitimacy of spirituality as a separate academic discipline. The book then turns to the work of historian and philosopher Pierre Hadot. By drawing parallels between the works of Hadot, MacIntyre, and Oakeshott, this study is an attempt both to resurrect the philosophical origins of a spiritual life, and to demonstrate that spirituality is an area ripe for contemporary philosophical inquiry. It also analyzes the importance to spirituality of the work of George Santayana, and concludes by examining some of the current educational policies on, and practices in, spirituality across the curriculum.

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