Brantlinger, Patrick

Patrick Brantlinger received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and is the James Rudy and College Alumni Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) of English and Cultural Studies at Indiana University. Between 1980-1990, he served as Editor of Victorian Studies, before becoming Chair of the English Department. Winner of a number of awards and honors including a Guggenheim Fellowship, he has published a dozen books, most recently Taming Cannibals: Race and the Victorians (2011) and States of Emergency: Essays in Culture and Politics (2013).

Reverend Pearl May Patrick, an Indiana Progressive (1875-1962): One of America’s First Ordained Women
2015 1-4955-0359-3
This study uncovers the story of Rev. Pearl May Patrick a nineteenth-century born woman whose commitment to liberal religion and gender equity broke many religious and social barriers in Midwest America. She and her husband were Debsite socialists, ardent supports of progressive ideals and Christian Universalists focused on cultural and social change with emphasis on preaching the social gospel.

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